Back in 1786, when William Bingham left Philadelphia to set up shop on 10,000 acres of land in southern New York State, he was looking at a wild and undeveloped territory at the union of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers. Binghamton, NY now bears his name, having grown up with Mr. Bingham’s roads, bridges, farmlands and many other significant steps toward urbanization. The largest city in the state’s Southern Tier, Binghamton is still home to development-minded, progressive thinkers. The building contractors team at Westlake Development is among them, and we’re proud to serve the property growth needs of retail and commercial firms across the region.


A great many factors go into every successful construction project, and Westlake is expert at all of them. We’ll coordinate the labor and serve as your single point of communication and responsibility. We take our role as building contractors very seriously, and we view ourselves as an advocate for your interests at all times.

Everyone from carpenters to masons to the steel crew will be hand-selected because we believe they bring something valuable to the team. Move-in ready buildings are the goal, and we regularly achieve that goal for such big names as Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Advance Auto, Jared Jewelers, and more.

Construction Management

The skilled building contractors management team at Westlake Development has proven its value for projects of all size and for commercial and retail clients of all types.

During the estimating, planning and pre-construction phases, throughout construction to the final walk-through process, our long history and experience give us unparalleled advantages.

If your project hits an obstacle or delay, chances are good that it’s something we’ve dealt with in the past… and we’ll quickly deal with it again to get you back on track.

Lean on us for qualified management when it comes to building codes, government regulations, lending/leasing, environmental matters, scheduling and so much more.


The Westlake design build service is a project delivery system with many economical, time-saving aspects that could make it ideal for your next project. We bring together both our design and construction services, under a single entity for your convenience and ease. You interact with just one point of contact for everything, thus minimizing your risk, fusing together the design and construction phases, consolidating deliveries, tightening the overall schedule and more. It’s a highly streamlined approach, and one that could be valuable for any number of retail, commercial or industrial projects.

Pre-Construction Services

As a critical first step before construction, Westlake’s pre-construction services lead the way toward success long before anything else even begins. Actually, its many steps in one, covering tasks as widely varied as site selection, risk evaluation, estimating, geotechnical consultation, environmental studies, entitlement research, permit preparation and more. Some of it is complex, some requires and experienced hand, and all of it is critical to ensure a smooth building process later on.

Our years in real estate development and brokerage makes us even more skilled in these areas, and our expertise and value will be evident long before any construction begins.


Count on us for related service, and ask us about other ways we can help with any project.

Real Estate Development

Westlake is the expert when it comes to managing every detail of your property. Whether it’s collecting the rent, fixing the fixtures, maintaining the structure or any of 1,000 other tasks, these are things you don’t have time to deal with on a daily basis. Turn them over to Westlake and let our proven professional management simplify the entire process.

Property Management

Real estate development is where we trace back our history. Westlake began in that arena, and we still maintain our expertise. Our depth of understanding of real estate development is an attractive skill appreciated by many of our largest retail and commercial clients.


On the job, in the office, at your site – wherever we are, Westlake’s building contractors keep safety at the top of the priorities list.

Building Contractors in Binghamton, NY
Building Contractors in Binghamton, New York
Binghamton, NY Building Contractors
Binghamton, New York Building Contractors



We excel in managing the many factors that go into a successful construction project.



With a long list of national clients, we’re prepared for your development project.



With a single, local point of contact, every aspect of your property can be addressed.