Like many cities along New York’s Hudson River, Poughkeepsie, NY was originally established by Dutch settlers dating back to the 1600s. Located midway between New York City and the state capital of Albany, the city grew rapidly with such booming industries as shipping, paper, brewing and even whale processing. American industrialist families like the Vanderbilts and Astors built mansions nearby, and Poughkeepsie, NY continues to see strong development through skilled real estate development companies like Westlake Development.


Who’s involved in a typical construction project? Just name it: Mason, carpenters, roofers, electricians, steelworkers, plumbers, painters… the list goes on and keeping them all organized, coordinated and supervised can be a daunting task. Unless you turn that task over to the experienced general contracting experts at Westlake Development.

We’ll not only relieve you of the burden, but we’ll elevate the entire assortment of laborers, assembling them into one smartly coordinated team with a single purpose: to get your project done, and done right.

The Westlake G.C. team is very serious about our responsibility to accomplish the goals of your construction project, to get the most out of every subcontractor, and to ensure that timing and budgetary concerns are always at the top of the priorities list. We’ve done it for Walgreens, Advance Auto Parts, Jared Jewelers, Family Dollar, Dollar General and others, and we can do it for you.

Construction Management

From the earliest pre-planning meetings to the final walk-through and handing over of keys, your construction project requires experienced management to make it a success. Westlake Development has been doing exactly that for years, overseeing every detail and coordinating every task to bring about the results you demand and deserve.

We understand the budgeting process and its importance in every aspect that follows. We excel in the areas of pre-construction planning as a crucial step in ensuring smooth construction. And once the building actually begins, we’ve proven ourselves there as well, many times over.

Trust Westlake to guide you through the pitfalls associated with Poughkeepsie, New York building codes, permitting, government regulations, environmental rules and more. As manager, we’ll keep the project continuously progressing in the right direction.


Design build is a proven approach that has achieved great success for developments everywhere – and Westlake is especially skilled at employing this technique and making it pay off for our clients. Workflow efficiency is enhanced, communication is improved between everyone involved, and team members perform together more effectively than through any other work arrangement.

You’ll appreciate the fact that the design build process brings together a unified team of construction and design professionals, working in sync for you. Planning is handled with execution in mind, budgeting is coordinated with materials selection and deliveries are managed for maximum efficiency, day after day.

Development works best with a singular focus for all, and Westlake’s design build service makes that focus a reality.

Pre-Construction Services

The success of any building project is only as good as the pre-construction planning that preceded it. That’s because development efforts are so filled with important details that a lack of planning is simply asking for trouble.

Westlake Development takes nothing for granted when it comes to your project. Our pre-construction services are thorough and expertly executed, from site evaluation to risk analysis, and from geotechnical planning to environmental clearances. No topic is too big or too small for our attention. If it has an impact on your project, we’ll examine it, advise you about it, and work to find the best way to prepare for it.


Turn to Westlake Development for support in other services, such as:

Real Estate Development

This is the area where we got our start in development. Westlake knows the business of real estate development, and we know how to apply our years of expertise to work on your behalf. Whether it’s financing or architecture, zoning or engineering, we’re one the proven expert Poughkeepsie, NY real estate development companies you need on your side of the table.

Property Management

The value of a trusted manager is virtually unlimited. You have a business to run and that’s completely separate from running a property. When Westlake Development handles the property management responsibilities for you, we handle ALL the responsibilities. Day-to-day maintenance, renovation projects, rent collection and much more. Shifting that burden to us frees you up for other tasks and ensures knowledgeable management efforts every day.


Everything hinges on safety. We insist upon it, from our suppliers, subcontractors and OSHA-certified employees, every minute of the day.

Poughkeepsie, NY Real Estate Development Companies
Poughkeepsie, New York Real Estate Development Companies
Real Estate Development Companies Poughkeepsie, New York
Real Estate Development Companies Poughkeepsie, NY



We excel in managing the many factors that go into a successful construction project.



With a long list of national clients, we’re prepared for your development project.



With a single, local point of contact, every aspect of your property can be addressed.