In addition to being known as The Flower City, Rochester, New York is also recognized as “The World’s Image Center,” thanks to its long history as the birthplace of photographic pioneer, Kodak. While Kodak was all about “development” of film, the city of Rochester continues to see its share of property development. In the shadow of Lake Ontario, Westlake Development is one of the area’s leading property management companies in maintaining Rochester’s commitment to modern, forward-thinking building projects.


Look to Westlake to be the leader, to oversee your entire project and to take the pressure off of you for all the small but critical decisions. As your General Contractor, we’ll shoulder the burden for everything from bid evaluation and scheduling to budgeting and supervision. No task escapes our watchful eye as we work hard to ensure a successful building for you.

Selection of the construction team is as important as the supervision of those groups, and we have the experience to make smart selections every time. Our knowledge of the local Rochester-area labor market allows us to assemble the best possible teams, always taking into account the specific needs of your particular project. That includes masons, carpenters, steel workers, tradesmen and more, all being held to the highest Westlake standards.

From Dollar General to Jared Jewelers, we’ve successfully served as G.C. for some of the most demanding commercial and retail projects.

Construction Management

Throughout the construction process, if there’s a question, concern, problem to solve or need to be dealt with, it’s the Construction Manager who must find the solution. At Westlake, we thrive on finding solutions on your behalf, every time.

We achieve results based on our long experience, our team of knowledgeable construction professionals and our commitment to customer satisfaction. That means we’re there for you when it’s time to prepare bid packages. We’re there throughout the pre-construction process. We’re there to schedule and oversee the work. And from start to finish, we’re there to manage every detail, maintain quality and control your costs.


A lot of construction companies talk about design build. Westlake Development actually knows what it means to serve you with the comprehensive services you expect and deserve. With decades of experience on successful design build projects, we’re highly qualified to serve you in all capacities. And with just one point of contact for everything, you’ll enjoy consistent, easy-to-follow communication, day after day.

Our approach unites every facet of the job under a single vision, eliminating splintered efforts and executing each task with an eye on the project as a whole. From site selection to feasibility studies, from master planning to turnkey finishing, we’ll bring you a true team that has just one goal in mind – the success of your development project.

Pre-Construction Services

To get out in front of your project and enhance its prospects for success, there’s no better idea than to tap the pre-construction services offered by Westlake Development. This is a critical phase in any construction effort, since the groundwork you lay early on is the groundwork your building will live with for years to come.

Real estate development experience is crucial to success in pre-construction, and few builders can come close to Westlake’s extensive background in this area. Environmental studies, geo-technical work, evaluation of potential sites, analysis of risk, preparation of cost estimates and many other essential jobs are second nature to us. That means fewer headaches for you, and a much smoother transition into the actual construction phase.


More and more of our clients are relying on Westlake for services beyond their original expectations. Look to us for:

Real Estate Development

We came into the construction industry by way of real estate, and we’ll always maintain our passion for this category. Count on Westlake’s experience and expertise in real estate development to make a meaningful contribution in every phase of your project.

Property Management

Control your property’s expenses, maintain its value and distance yourself from the day-to-day distractions of managing by working with one of the area’s leading property management companies. With Westlake’s property management services, you can achieve all of these, leaving you free to focus on your businesses, instead of on your Rochester, NY properties.


In all of Westlake Development’s construction efforts, safety is maintained as a top priority, for our staff, sub-contractors and clients.

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Rochester, New York Property Management Companies
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Property Management Companies in Rochester, New York



We excel in managing the many factors that go into a successful construction project.



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With a single, local point of contact, every aspect of your property can be addressed.