Syracuse, New York is located in the heart of New York State, at the crossroads of two major Interstate highways – Routes 90 and 81. The Salt City is known for its rolling hills, championship college basketball and football teams, and hardy citizens who shrug off record snowfalls year after year. One more thing this city is known for is its ongoing revitalization efforts, with burgeoning real estate development and top-quality construction services. With multiple real estate development companies in the Syracuse, NY area, no company represents “quality construction” better than Westlake Development.


Once your project gets fully underway, who will coordinate the details? Who will ensure that the masonry is in sync with the steel work, that the electrical and plumbing are executed in proper sequence, or that the carpenters and tradesmen are being used for maximum efficiency?

Westlake does all of that with great skill and proven expertise. So much goes into every successful construction project, and you can count on us to assemble the right entities to ensure success.

Advance Auto Parts, Jared, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar and other U.S. retail and commercial giants routinely turn to Westlake to supervise and oversee the general contracting process, and to deliver the successful buildings they expect and demand, every time.

Construction Management

Your construction project comes with an abundance of challenges. You won’t want to trust the management of those challenges to anyone but the experts at Westlake Development.

Our proven C.M. capabilities are exactly what you need to work your way through every challenging aspect of the project, such as:

Budgeting? We’ll do the math.
Pre-construction? We’re always out in front of it.
Construction? We’ve built our reputation on it.

As your construction manager, we never lose sight of the goal: to serve you and make your project a success. That means ironing out the regulatory and code requirements, coordinating laborers, materials and schedules, developing an initial budget and working to make it stand up, and answer all of your questions so you stay informed throughout the process.


Westlake brings a unique level of expertise to the design build concept. When you designate us to be the single firm with responsibility for the entire project, you’ll open up the possibilities for a building that goes beyond expectations.

We create the team of design and construction professionals, and we manage them to bring out the best. Working together, we’ll draw out mutually developed solutions for every need, and we’ll facilitate communication among all parties right from the start. That’s how Westlake brings out the best for every aspect of the job, and it’s how we continue to satisfy clients like you as one of Syracuse, New York’s leading real estate development companies.

Pre-Construction Services

Your vision. At the start of the process that’s literally all there is to your project. We take that vision seriously, and start by listening carefully to every aspect. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

From there, the pre-construction phase continues with a seemingly endless series of critical steps. Westlake Development has an outstanding track record with every aspect of this all-important part of the process, and our expertise with both real estate development and brokerage work sets us far apart from the rest.

Your need for a proven partner can’t wait for actual construction to begin. Tap the experience of Westlake for pre-construction services such as evaluation of sites, analysis of risk, careful estimating, environmental and geotechnical services, entitlements, permits and more.


Just about every property-related service you could ask for, beyond construction. Here are just the highlights:

Real Estate Development

This is where we got into property work in the first place, and it remains one of the most valuable aspects of the larger construction services we offer our clients. After decades of success in commercial and retail real estate, Westlake has much to offer in the areas of zoning and environmental regulations, financing and taxes, engineering and architecture and more. That is why we are recognized as one of Syracuse, NY’s leading real estate development companies!

Property Management

You have two choices: spend your time focused on your business, or spend it managing the endless needs and issues associated with your properties. Obviously, your business will do better if you can stay attentive to it, while Westlake takes care of the property for you. Our services in this area range from leasing, maintenance, rent collections and accounting to renovations, brokerage, finance reports and much more.


A safe construction area is a must for you, and a must for the Westlake Development team. Depend on the professionalism of our OSHA certified employees.

Syracuse, NY Real Estate Development Companies
Syracuse, New York Real Estate Development Companies
Real Estate Development Companies in Syracuse, New York
Real Estate Development Companies in Syracuse, NY



We excel in managing the many factors that go into a successful construction project.



With a long list of national clients, we’re prepared for your development project.



With a single, local point of contact, every aspect of your property can be addressed.