There’s a lot to see and do in and around the city of Utica, New York. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Mohawk Valley, this area is home to abundant American history. Like so many cities in upstate New York, Utica developed rapidly following the construction of the Erie Canal. Today, construction continues to drive success here, with Westlake Development doing the most successful driving of all of one of the area’s leading building contractors.


For general contracting needs on any Utica, NY commercial or retail development, Westlake building contractors team is an excellent choice. We see this role as the primary way in which we can facilitate success for you, regardless of the size or scope of your project. Coordination of efforts, management of responsibilities and overall leadership of the entire construction team – that’s what we’re all about, and it’s where our experience brings you the greatest value.

Count on Westlake to effectively coordinate the labor team (carpenters, masons, tradesmen and more) and to take responsibility for the ultimate outcome of your Utica, New York project.

That’s our job as general contractor, and we’ll work hard to earn your trust with it every day.

And it’s why major retailers like Walgreens and Advance Auto Parts have trusted us so many times already.

Construction Management

The management of any construction project is as important as the actual building activities. Maybe even moreso.

When you bring in the experts from Westlake Development to do the managing, it immediately elevates the efficiency and productivity of everyone involved. With our management abilities working on your behalf, your project will have a much better likelihood of avoiding the pitfalls and obstacles that so often disrupt workflow and lead to costly delays and problems.

Through every phase of construction, we’ll simplify the process, keep you informed and up to date, and anticipate needs before they become issues.

From selecting materials to scheduling critical deliveries, from working with lenders to overseeing construction teams, no task is beyond our management expertise.


Assuming single-source responsibility for every aspect of your project, the Westlake Development design build experts will effectively establish and manage a team of design and construction professionals. Why is that important for you? Because it means your project will be completely coordinated throughout every phase, from start to finish. No disjointed efforts, no contradictory priorities, no clashes of opposing viewpoints. Instead, we’ll work to ensure a single vision guides the entire project and that we never lose sight of your objectives.

This one-source approach improves efficiency in every task, whether it’s the initial design drawings and plans, specifications for materials, selection of sub-contractors or other critical undertakings.

Pre-Construction Services

At Westlake Development, we believe our responsibilities begin well in advance of groundbreaking. That’s because so many crucial activities take place in that period before the actual construction happens. In the right, experienced hands, this pre-construction phase can make all the difference in paving the way toward a successful project.

One key point that differentiates Westlake from other builders is our depth of experience as a successful real estate development and brokerage company. This gives us valuable insight into such important considerations as risk analysis, site evaluation, estimating, environmental exploration, geo-technical services, planning for entitlements, securing proper permits and documentation and much more. Now is the time to put all that knowledge to work for you, before your project even begins.


What else can Westlake do for you? Well-established names in the commercial and retail world know all about our broad capabilities. Look to us for:

Real Estate Development

We know the real estate ins and outs, and we’re ready to share our experience with you. Just about everything that’s important in property development begins with a smart approach to real estate, and Westlake is the smartest approach you can make.

Property Management

You have a business to run. Running your properties can get in the way of that, which is why it makes sense for you to let Westlake shoulder the responsibility. We’ll manage every detail, letting you stay focused on what’s important.


Westlake is dedicated to a culture of safety in the Utica, NY area. Count on our building contractors to maintain a safe workplace at all times.

Utica, NY Building Contractors
Utica, New York Building Contractors
Building Contractors Utica, NY
Building Contractors Utica, New York



We excel in managing the many factors that go into a successful construction project.



With a long list of national clients, we’re prepared for your development project.



With a single, local point of contact, every aspect of your property can be addressed.