To say Watertown, New York is located in Northern New York is an understatement. Just 30 miles shy of the Canadian border, this historic city is a can’t-miss stopping point for travelers between these neighboring nations. It is the gateway to The 1000 Islands, and is also home to some intriguing new property development. Westlake Development sits atop the list of preferred general contractors in and around the Watertown area.


Name Westlake as your general contractors team for your next Watertown, NY, and you’re lifting a great burden off your shoulders for the length of your project. That’s because we take the job very seriously, and view it as our responsibility to reduce your stress and increase your construction team’s productivity.

Experience is the key to make that goal attainable, and experience is something we bring to the table every day.

Carpenters and tradesmen. Masons and roofers. We know how to manage them all, and how to keep your project progressing, on schedule, and focused on both quality and efficiency. There are so many important details in any construction project. Leave them to the Westlake general contractors team, and you’ll be glad you did.

Some of our past general contractors successes include: Advance Auto Parts, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Jared Jewelers, Walgreens and more.

Construction Management

Every job needs a good manager. Construction may be the job where that statement is most accurate. The experienced Westlake team is ready to manage your development project from start to finish, ensuring a successful outcome.

From budget development to pre-construction planning to the actual building process, we know where all the stumbling blocks are, and we know how to get you over, around or through them. Local building codes, municipal regulations, environmental requirements, permits and more can bog down a project without a skilled manager at the helm. Let Westlake be that manager, so your Watertown, New York project can keep moving forward.

When your project makes it to the final walk-through, you’ll be glad we’ve been there to make it happen and see it through.


Westlake believes in the power of the design build process, and the value it brings to our customers. It contributes to more efficient workflow, better communication between all members of the team, and most importantly, a better opportunity to achieve your vision for the overall project.

Using our knowledge and experience with the design build approach, Westlake will assemble a truly cohesive team of design and construction personnel. Some have expertise in design, some in planning, others in materials, permitting, sub-contractor bidding and more. We’ll coordinate them all, manage them, and see to it that each party’s particular skills are put to work in conjunction with the others, making every detail turn out better.

Pre-Construction Services

Sure, the building itself is what your project is all about. But few consider the importance of the pre-construction services in making sure that building gets off on the right foot. Westlake Development built its reputation as a real estate development and brokerage firm, and we’re proud to bring those skills to every construction project we touch. We believe it helps our clients in ways that others may never duplicate.

Site evaluation alone is a critical task that cannot be over-emphasized. We excel at it. Risk analysis is another area where you simply cannot leave it to inexperienced builders. Westlake also understands precision estimating, environmental services, geotechnical investigations, entitlements, permits and a long list of other considerations. Let the professionals at Westlake put your mind at ease for all of it.


You can depend on Westlake for many other supporting services, including:

Real Estate Development

That’s the area where we made a name for ourselves, and it’s an area where you’ll benefit from our long history and experience. We can help with every aspect, whether it’s finance and taxation, architecture and engineering, environmental considerations or zoning laws.

Property Management

A skilled, knowledgeable manager can make all the difference at your Watertown, NY properties. Whether we’re talking about a single structure or a vast network of related commercial properties, the tasks of managing them is best trusted to the Westlake team. That means everything from leases daily maintenance to major renovations.


Westlake Development makes safety an ongoing priority. We’re OSHA certified, and we’re serious about it, for everyone’s sake.

General Contractors in Watertown, NY
General Contractors in Watertown, New York
Watertown, NY General Contractors
Watertown, New York General Contractors



We excel in managing the many factors that go into a successful construction project.



With a long list of national clients, we’re prepared for your development project.



With a single, local point of contact, every aspect of your property can be addressed.